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COVID-19 Precautions

Update Mar 20 2022

We have been so thrilled to have our clients back in the building for the past couple of weeks. It is great to see familiar faces and to put a face to the names and voices that we have only met over the phone. We realize it has been a little challenging as everyone gets used to this and apologise for any glitches. We will be continuing to require masks for the foreseeable future. Much of our work is done in close proximity to each other and to our clients. We feel it would be unwise to go mask-free at this point. We appreciate your continued compliance and support. If anyone still prefers curbside, then please phone when you arrive at the office and select the urgent option. We are also continuing to do deliveries within the Barrie area on request, but please allow 48 hours.

Update February 22 2022

Now that COVID cases are decreasing again and government restrictions are being loosened, we will be welcoming clients back into the building with their pets starting Feb. 22. We ask that you limit to one person per appointment due to space restrictions in many exam rooms. Properly worn masks are still required. At this time, we will continue with curbside pickup for foods, medicines, and in-hospital pets. We will also continue with curbside for nail trims, surgery drop-offs, and rehab. We will reassess these as we move into the spring and see how things are going.

Updated Dec 28th 2021


For the past week, we have all been watching the news and seeing flights cancelled
and businesses closing due to rising COVID numbers. Unfortunately, the veterinary
community is feeling the impact of OMICRON just like every other industry. Numerous hospitals in Ontario have been forced to close due to inadequate staff numbers. We are hoping that we will be able to remain open, but for the time being we are making a number of adjustments to enable us to best utilize our staff. We will be triaging and seeing the most urgent pets first. We understand this can be frustrating when your pet is not considered urgent, but please remember that this is the best way to provide the best care to as many pets as possible. If absolutely necessary, we may be forced to reschedule routine vaccine appointments to allow for the care of sick patients.

We may be reducing the number of routine surgeries that we are able to schedule or we may be forced to cancel already scheduled surgeries. We ask that you only book nail trims if it is urgent. Staff need to be able to spend their time with sick patients. If we are short staffed, it will increase the time required to respond to emails and phone messages. Please be patient. We understand that everyone’s patience is wearing thin, but we are stressed and tired as well. Our deliveries will likely be impacted, so please allow plenty of time for food and
medication orders. Lack of staffing in other businesses may also delay lab results and our ability to access specialists.
We will keep everyone updated on any changes as they become necessary.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and understanding.

Update Dec 21 2021- 

We are sad to say that starting Dec. 20, we will be back at curbside care only, except for euthanasia and bathroom use. We were hoping to avoid this, but given the huge increase in COVID cases, we feel we have no choice. Our priority remains to be able to provide care to our patients without interruption. If we cannot keep our staff safe, then there is the potential that we would be unable to remain open or would be forced to limit our services due to inadequate staff availability.We understand that it is frustrating to be separated from your furry family member. Rest assured that we do everything possible to decrease their stress. When you arrive in the parking lot, please phone 705-733-1422 or text 705 230 2687. If the wait is prolonged, then please come to the door for a staff member to assist you. We are hoping to be able to bring the debit machines to the car to assist you with payment. We realize that the next month or so is likely going to be challenging for many people. It is disheartening to be going through a second Christmas with restrictions. Please remember that our staff has been working in challenging conditions for almost 2 years now. A little kindness brightens everyone’s day and decreases everyone’s stress


Update Sept 2021-

We will continue to offer curbside service as we have been doing. In order to keep our staff safe, we have a few requests. Please wear a mask when the staff come to your car. For the safety of your dog and our staff, please put your dog’s leash on and remove your dog from the car when the staff person comes to bring your dog into the hospital. Please make sure cats are in their carrier. If you would like to run an errand while your pet is in the hospital, then just let the staff know and make sure you are available by telephone to chat with the doctor. 

Before your appointment, you will be asked to complete a COVID screening questionnaire. We will allow one client per appointment in the exam room. This will only be for appointments scheduled with a doctor and will not include pregnancy ultrasounds/Xrays and artificial inseminations. We will not be fully open to the public at this point. 
You will still check in from your car and wait in your car until we have a room available. The exam room assistant will still take the history over the phone. We will then escort you and your pet inside to the exam room. At the end of the visit, payment will be handled in the exam room by one of our staff. You can pay by credit card, debit, or cash. Hand sanitizer will be available for use as you enter and exit the building.

To maintain social distancing, we ask that you take a seat while your pet is being examined and allow the assistant to hold your pet for the doctor.
We also ask that you remain in the exam room at all times unless accompanied by a staff member.

All clients must wear a mask covering their nose and mouth while in the building. Any client who cannot or does not wish to wear a mask can continue to utilize our curbside service. Any client who refuses to wear a mask once inside will be asked to leave and we will not be able to provide services for your pet.

Medication/food pickups, technician appointments, rehab, acupuncture, pregnancy ultrasounds/Xrays and artificial inseminations will continue to be curbside.

We know that many of you have taken advantage of the curbside service to run other errands while your pet was being taken care of. Anyone who prefers to drop off while they run errands or to simply stay outside may still do so.
Telemedicine continues to be an option.

We are doing our best, but realize the phones continue to be frustrating at times. Wait times can seem very long. You are welcome to leave a message and we will call you back. If you do elect to hold, the wait time does sometimes seem to increase. That is because it is based on the length of current calls and once we are on the phone with someone, we do not rush them. So please be assured that when it is your turn, we will take our time to deal with all your concerns. Please remember that other options for contacting us are texting us at 705-230-2687 and for non-urgent requests to email

Again the number to text is 705-230-2687. You may also continue to send emails to to request medication refills, ask questions, order food and book appointments. Food can be ordered utilizing the Vetstore by going to Telemedicine will continue to be available for non-urgent cases. 

Telemedicine appointments can be booked by going to and clicking on the Telemedicine button. 

Our boarding department will continue to be available for boarding,  and puppy playdates. In lieu of food donations, we are accepting cash donations for the Barrie Food Bank.

We are going to continue the current hours of 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday. Our staff are working extremely hard and every day is physically and mentally draining, so we are going to continue the slightly shorter hours for now to give staff time to recharge.



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