And that’s a wrap!

  Well the team did it! We are so proud of them, they are on their way home. They stopped for a day of rest and relaxation after working so very hard! Here is Natalie with a quick tour of [...]


Just another day in Todos Santos

  We have some positives to report from Todos Santos. Dr. Lechten and Natalie sponsor some children from the region to attend school. School is not readily available for the older children. [...]


In the eyes of Kris…

      Looks like things are starting to roll. Here is the latest video sent to us by Kris Hughston- one of our volunteers helping with our campaign. Looks like the hospital in the [...]


Setting up the make shift hospital!

So here it is, the day before the opening. A quick view of the local community hall being transformed into the temporary clinic. As Natalie explains the different sections of the hall… [...]


they made it!

    Thursday 2:00 am. Day one of the journey begins with an EARLY 2 am meeting at the hospital to load the supplies to get to the Toronto airport. Here the ladies have arrived at the [...]


Loosen those belts…

December is fast approaching….   WOW! Christmas is less than 1 month away. How time flies. We are gearing up at our hospital for our upcoming [...]


Incredible….millionith urinary stone!

Ever wonder when we remove urinary bladder stones how they get analyzed or where they travel to? TOPEKA, Kan. (June 22, 2015)


Here we GROW again!

Welcome Dr. Stephanie Pierre! Allandale Veterinary Hospital has added a sixth doctor, yes we said sixth!


Watch that thorn

How to keep a PET SAFE garden It’s the perfect time of year to start digging around in your garden—and your clients are likely doing the same. But if there are pets running around the yard, be [...]


last but not least….

After a very long road trip from Guatemala City into Todos Santos we arrived at our hotel where we were greeted with smiles and hugs by the founders of the GAAP (Global Alliance for Animals and People)

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December is fast approaching….


WOW! Christmas is less than 1 month away. How time flies. We are gearing up at our hospital for our upcoming annual BAKE-A-THON and Raffle Table. Don’t feel like baking for the holidays? It’s easy… just come on over Dec 7 or 8th (that’s a Monday and Tuesday) and pick from a HUGE assortment of goodies. The last few years there were even pet treats available. If you are looking to help out our cause, we always welcome anyone to bake and drop it off to our hospital the morning of the 7th.
All proceeds go towards the charity the GAAP. Now this year we have a Canadian Chapter of the GAAP which gives us a liscnce to be able to practice veterinary medicine in remote areas  IN Canada!  Yeah!
At our yearly bake sale we always have a raffle table or silent auction with really cool ideas for Christmas. This is we will also have ladies wool wraps to wear brought all the way from Guatemala, woven in Todos Santos! They will be available for sale, but we could only bring so many home, so there is a limited quantity in a variety of colors. They look fantastic with leggings or jeans. What a wonderful gift to give. One last thing, Dr. Lechten is known to be a number one baker! Last year she made banana, apple and cinnamon Amish bread that sold out in 3 hours. Yes we said 3 hours! This year we are placing orders prior to the sale. The loaves are 8$ each

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