Our dedicated staff take pride in the complete comfort of your pet. Our goal is to provide a fun secure stress free stay. Large suites, with attentive staff will give you peace of mind. We offer standard kennels with large glass windows to minimize stress and eliminate chewing. Condo kennels and runs are within the same area of the hospital.


We also offer one of a kind Luxury boarding rooms. We have 6 in total, but they book up fast! Luxury suites are equipped with web cams which can be activated on mobile devices to give you peace of mind. Check in on your pet anytime of the day or night!  Condo Kennels and runs include three 10 minute walks in the exercise yard per day. Luxury suites include three 10 minute walks in the exercise area per day and 15 minute playtime. This also includes a private play area- in the summer months a shallow pool in set up in the yard where pets can splash around in the sun!


Cat boarding is also something we offer in our cat friendly hospital. Cats are boarded in general boarding area where it is segregated from all dogs, so the cats can rest in a stress free area. Quite and peaceful, they can exercise in a full room by themselves.  Feline Luxury condos are located near the front reception hall, with large bright windows and toys. There they can roam and watch the patients come and go in a quite room.



Our Activity Menu

(Any of these options may be added to your pets boarding experience)

WALK A BOUT- fast paced outings to burn off steam!

CUDDLE TIME- our personal undivided attention, devoted to cuddles, brushing, belly rubs or massage

GAME ON- Frisbee, fetch, tug-o-war anyone? We’re game…

CHARM SCHOOL- Brush up on good manners with obedience challenges like; take it or leave it, leash etiquette, puzzles, tricks and more!


All activities are based on 15 minute increments. We will gladly customize an activity and frequency to fit your pets needs.


If your dog stays more than 5 nights a complimentary bath will be given on the morning of pick up. If your dog stays with us less than 5 nights, normal bath rates apply.


If you require additional information please give us a call to schedule a tour and meet with our staff.