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Clinic Culture

In our practice, a healthy workplace culture means that all staff feel that they are an integral part of our practice family. As such, they have the same benefits and responsibilities as any family member. They have the benefit of support from a group of like-minded people and they have the responsibility to act as a member of a team all working towards the goal of a successful, client, and pet oriented practice.

A healthy workplace culture means that staff feel that they matter and their opinion matters. Every staff member should feel valued by the owner of the practice as well as other team members. Staff should feel free to speak their minds, whether it be a concern about something that has happened or a suggestion to improve how things run. Staff meetings should be interactive events, not just someone standing and telling everyone what they have been doing wrong.

A healthy workplace culture means that staff feel that their job is important and that they are personally important to the success of the practice. No one person or one job is more important than another. Staff should enjoy coming to work and have a passion for what they do. They should never feel like they are just here for a paycheck. Staff should be encouraged to be constantly learning and growing.

A healthy workplace culture means that just like a family, our staff needs to be able to rely on each other. They need to be able to turn to each other for support when they are having a bad day, for help when they are extra busy, and for comfort when they are feeling overwhelmed by what can sometimes be an emotionally exhausting job. They also need to be able to rely on each other to celebrate both personal and professional victories; whether they be big or small.

In our practice, a healthy workplace culture means that we are one big family. We may not always get along, but we always respect each other and care for each other. We realize that we are better as a team than any of us would be alone. And we realize that Allandale Veterinary Hospital is a successful practice, because of the individuals that work here.

We are constantly working to maintain a healthy workplace culture.

We are constantly working to maintain a healthy workplace culture.

We have monthly staff meetings that include both a problem solving/discussion and an educational component. Any issues from the previous month are brought up for group discussion and ideas. The educational component helps everyone to be constantly learning new things. Everyone is included in the staff meetings from doctors to kennel staff.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in some form of continuing education, whether it be in person or online. Whenever possible, staff are sent to in-person continuing education. We find that being sent to a conference shows people that we are invested in them and we hope that they will be members of the Allandale family for a long time to come. One of the best conferences has been Connexity. The staff that attended came back motivated and loaded with great ideas.

Since our workplace culture revolves around family, we often have team activities outside of the normal work day – barbecues, sleigh rides, trips to the theatre, and escape room adventures – just to name a few. These are just fun events that make sure that everyone knows each other and enjoys each other’s company.

We strive to recognize staff that go above and beyond. To this end we have purchased Tim Horton’s gift cards and Visa gift cards in various denominations. Supervisors and doctors will be able to hand out a card as immediate recognition when a staff member does something outstanding. Staff members will also be able to nominate each other for recognition. (Full disclosure – this was an idea from Connexity.)

In the past year, we have signed up for an Employee and Family Assistance Program. This program is provided to our employees free of charge. It allows employees and their families to access services to manage work, health, and life challenges. This program shows our employees that we value them as individuals and want to provide the tools they need to be as healthy and productive as possible in both their professional and personal lives.



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