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Roatan, Honduras - Jun 2019

On May 28th Dr. Lechten, Dr. Murphy, Natalie, Avery, and Melissa travelled to Roatan, Honduras. Travelling to these remote communities is always long and exhausting and this one was no different. With four flights and a layover for the night in Guatemala City, the team was ecstatic to finally land in Roatan.

When they arrived in Roatan, they were greeted by Dr. Santiago Soto and his partner Lorna at the airport. They are the founders of Roatan Animal Welfare (R.A.W.), a non-profit organization that coordinated the spay/neuter/vaccine clinic the team was there for. Their mission was to provide veterinary aid to the animals of Roatan that have a real need and face the greatest barriers to accessing veterinary care.

A small community centre was converted into a temporary hospital which was where the AVH team would be working for the next two days. The first morning people were already lined up with their pets at 7:30am. A large team of volunteers organized and set up within a 20 minute time frame- then everyone hit the ground running.

Fortunate to have a little AC unit on the wall with a fan was as much comfort as they could get as the temperatures reached 41°C (106°F) plus humidity! With the doors opening every other minute, it only made a slight difference of relief.

Most of the pets were in good shape, very few were underweight. With the humid and warm temperatures come fleas and ticks, and unfortunately most of the pets had an infestation of both. Every pet was treated with parasite prevention to eliminate their infestations. There is little concern for Lyme disease as the ticks in Roatan do not carry this disease.

Both days came and went quickly. Our goal of doing 100 surgeries turned into 138 surgeries! The speedy team had the veterinarians feverishly working to which they only left their surgical tables for a quick lunch. We all came together to make a difference in our patients lives in Roatan, Honduras.



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