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The remote Mayan village of Todos Santos, Guatemala!

115 animals spayed and neutered

86 animals vaccinated

1 tumor removal procedure

This was all made by possible by a small, but determined group of volunteers and donated their time to provide essential healthcare to animals in need. There is no way to fully express our gratitude to every single person who worked to make this trip a success!! Thank you all!The best part? This effort is a win-win-win. The animals get the care they need, the people who love them are thankful for that care, the community is healthier through protection from zoonotic diseases, and our volunteers tell us (despite the challenges of electricity shortages and limited access to hot showers) that this experience has filled their cups and reminded them of why they do what they do.And for us, that's the real message. *When we come together, we can do extraordinary things with real, lasting impacts for the health of animals, people, and the environment.*We are so, so grateful.

The rockstar team who made it happen: Patty Lechten, Lonnie Kasman, Feliza Lopez, Melissa Payne, Natalie Flammia, Heidi Sandoval, Hector José Aguilar Miller, Sarah Clark, Adriana Contreras, Andrés Carrillo, Elena Garde, Guillermo Pérez, and so many local volunteers who jumped in to help!



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