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Marten Falls, Ontario - Mar 2015

The first Canadian trip was underway in mid-November to Marten Falls First Nation, Ontario. Dr. Lechten and Dr. Hauer, along with Melissa and Natalie, flew up to the northern reservation (not accessible by road) of approximately 600 people. They boarded their first flight from Pearson to Thunder Bay, and then transferred on a very small aircraft to continue the journey to Marten Falls. They arrived Friday night, and before dropping off their bags they were examining a dog that had been hit by a car earlier that day.

With no hotels in Marten Falls First Nation, the team was set up in an old clinic, even though there was a shortage of beds and it was a little rustic they made it work. They made a make shift hospital in the local community centre where they would get to spend a weekend spaying and neutering.

They worked long and hard and were able to surgically sterilize over 30 animals in just two days. At first the locals were not quite sure why they were there but the word soon spread. By the end of the weekend they were showered in baked goods as a thank you. The people of the First Nation Reservation hope that our team will be able to come back in the spring. Overall, it was a very successful venture!



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