What is Fear Free?

Fear Free is an online and in person education service available to veterinarians and veterinary hospital employees. Fear Free allows us to identify how relaxed, or more importantly how stressed, pets are when they make visits to their veterinarian. It also educates staff on how to properly sooth and relax those pets that become stressed or agitated so we can properly initiate veterinary care without the pet feeling anxious or afraid.

All staff at Allandale Veterinary Hospital have undergone Fear Free training so we can all make your pets visit to us safe, comfortable and fear free.

Please see the charts below so you too can identify when your pet is feeling relaxed or stressed. If you need any assistance with how to properly transport a nervous or scared pet to the veterinarian, or anywhere else, please give us a call at 705-733-1422 and we would be happy to give you some tips.