Gull Bay, White Sands First Nations 2016

On Sept 19th, The GAAP Canada (Dr Lechten, Natalie and Melissa) along with Dr’s hauer and Poon joined The Northern Spay Neuter Program for two spay/neuter and vaccine clinics. They flew into Thunder Bay and then drove 2.5 hrs north to their first clinic in Gull Bay, FN. The first day they visited a local elementary school doing a presentation about pet care for the local children. The next 2 days that followed the team busy spaying/neutering and vaccinating the aboriginal community’s pets. From there, they packed up all their supplies and gear and travelled another hour north to Whitesands, FN. They spent two long days there running another spay/neuter and vaccine clinic. They are proud to say they saw 80 dogs in 4 days, wow that’s amazing! They were also able to foster out one pregnant dog who had 10 puppies, mom is doing well and will be returning home soon. The team made it back on Sunday September 25th and were back to work on Monday. Way to go team, you make us proud!