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2009 - 2021

Words can not express the thanks our family has for everyone at Allandale for everything they did for Bella. They gave us the time and support we needed when it was time to let her go.

Bella was one of a kind. She was destined to be part of our family. We knew that from the moment she shoved her brother out of the way so that she could get to us first.

We could not have foreseen the amount of joy and happiness she brought to our lives in the eleven years she was with us.

She was a true blessing. She impacted our lives profoundly and always knew when one of us needed extra love and attention. Then she would park herself across our body and channel her love and concern into us. She did this for the four of us and also for extended family and friends as well. The rest of the time she spent searching out the sunlight and getting into mischief.
Sadly you are no longer with us but even while we are struggling with our sadness; we laugh at all the wonderful memories.

Her soul picked our family. She fulfilled her destiny and it was her time to rest. We know she is enjoying the sunlight and is waiting for us on the rainbow bridge.



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