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This is our beautiful girl Karle (aka Princess, Pumpkin Head, Three-toes, Snarlee) who was just 2 months shy of her 10th birthday. She was special from the day she arrived into the household at just 8 weeks old. She loved people and loved attention! She was a therapy dog and enjoyed her time with the seniors and was always the center of attention. She was very vocal and if she wanted anything - she had no problem letting you know. Her happiest times were proudly walking around Sunnidale Park carrying tree trunks (sticks just weren’t big enough for this bulldog). She so loved all of her park friends🥰. The house now sits quiet - Mum, Dad, Matt, Wes and Cookie miss you so very much. You will always be our baby girl and we will never forget you❤️. Thank you Dr. Manesis for your ongoing support & care.



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