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We began to foster Opal and Bina in August 2021.

The two girls were found living outside all alone before The Alliston Humane Society took them in.

Opal was a shy girl that LOVED her food and treats! She was never too sick for a treat.

She and Bina were never too far apart, frequently laying side by side.

She had two surgeries for mouth issues while we were fostering her.

She didn't like to be picked up, but I would get some cuddles in while giving her her many medications. She didn't seem to mind.

We miss her, but not as much as her partner does.

She was a kind, sweet rabbit.💜 We adopted the girls back in the spring because we couldn't imagine our house without them. They guessed her age at 3 years, so we were expecting to have many more years with her. 😭



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