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Arlo was a smart & handsome boy, who had such a big heart. He loved any affection that was available to him. It didn’t matter what you were doing he just wanted to be in whatever room you were in. He would actually wake up from sleeping to follow you to the next room and then go back to sleep again. He loved to play, sleep and the outdoors. Always up and excited to go for a walk or a car ride, he didn’t care as long as he was with us, he was a happy boy. He wasn’t much of a barker. He was more of the strong and silent type of guy. The only time he would ever bark was to let us know that something was new and/or that wasn’t there before. He was always such a happy go lucky guy and had a wonderful temperament with children. He will always be remembered as who could ever forget his sweet face and lovable personality. We love you Arlo.



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