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Harley was a goofy, gentle, sweet and extremely smart dog. He loved everyone he met and always wanted to meet new friends when on walks, sometimes getting so excited to meet them he would forget that his family was on the other end of the leash and would pull a little too hard. Harley greeted everyone at the door with a big grin, his wiggle butt, and his tailing wagging a million miles a minute and would know when his family got home even before they were in the driveway. He knew what he could get away with and with who, but would always ask for permission before jumping up onto the couch, and when his dad was coming he knew to get down before he got caught. When getting his treats he was so gentle you almost couldn’t feel him take it and would often turn in into a game throwing them around. Harley was one of a kind, loved more than he will ever know. He will never be forgotten and is forever missed



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