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As a client of Allandale Veterinary Hospital, you can expect high-quality, personalized health care for your pet. We have assembled a veterinary health care team committed to providing exceptional client service and veterinary health care. Our facility is designed to provide the maximum comfort for both you and your pet.

When you arrive at Allandale Veterinary Hospital, you will be greeted warmly by a member of our Client Services team. Your pet will be weighed and checked in, and then escorted to an examination room. We endeavor to see our patients on schedule, but sometimes emergencies can cause delays. If there is a wait for an exam room, our comfortable reception area contains a fascinating salt water fish tank, as well as coffee, juice, and fresh baked cookies to help you pass the time. We are a Feline Friendly Practice, so we have a separate cats-only waiting area and two exam rooms dedicated to our feline patients.

Once you are settled in the examination room, an Exam Room Assistant will come in to discuss your pet’s medical history, current condition and reason for your visit. Please be sure to bring the names of any medications, including over the counter vitamins or supplements, that your pet is taking. Make note of the diet your pet is eating, including treats. All of this information is helpful to the Veterinarian when making a diagnosis or developing a treatment plan.

After the Exam Room Assistant goes over the information you have provided with the Veterinarian, the Exam Room Assistant and Veterinarian will come into the exam room to perform a full physical exam. This is a head to tail visual inspection with oral, eye and ear examination, limb palpation, abdominal palpation and chest auscultation. We will share the results with you and make any recommendations based on our findings. On-site diagnostic tests may be recommended such as digital radiographs, blood work, urinalysis or ultrasound. Once the tests have been run, the doctor will discuss a possible diagnosis, and a treatment plan including medications recommended if necessary. Please take this opportunity to ask any questions you may have – our team wants to make sure you are comfortable with the information we are providing.

Our Client Services staff will assist you by reviewing your invoice and processing your payment, either at the Discharge Desk, or if more comfortable for you and your pet, in the examination room. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Debit and Cash for payments. We can also assist you in processing insurance claim forms and with veterinary financing through Pet Card. Complimentary rechecks or recommended surgeries will be booked at this time. Sometimes referrals to specialists may be suggested. We are fortunate to offer in-clinic Orthopedic referrals on certain days. Other referrals may be outsourced to alternate referral hospitals.

We look forward to welcoming you and your pet to our animal care family!

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Full payment is required upon rendering of services. Deposits may be required on major medical / surgical procedures, trauma cases and emergency work where hospitalization is required. We will gladly prepare a written estimate if you desire. We do not carry open accounts. Payment must be made in CASH, DEBIT CARD (INTERAC), AMEX, VISA or MASTERCARD. We regret that we are unable to accept cheques. If for any reason payment cannot be made on day of visit, arrangements may be made with the Hospital Supervisor PRIOR to seeing the doctor. To prevent the spread of infectious diseases and parasites, hospitalized animals must be current on all vaccines and free of internal parasites. I authorize Allandale Veterinary Hospital to provide vaccines and parasite control when needed.

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