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How do I know if my dog needs a test?

*Any dog not on preventative last year (heartworm or tick) should be tested

*Any puppy born before Sept 1 2020 not on preventative last year should be tested

*If you travelled south with your dog and wasn’t on any preventative last year – should be tested

*If you adopted a dog of unknown history should be tested

*You gave preventative (heartworm and or tick) last year but not all of the medication was given – you should retest

*If you suspect a tick bite on your pet a 4DX test should be ran 6 weeks after being bitten you’re your pet is not on tick prevention)

We anticipate a large volume of testing this year, and therefore will be organizing testing clinics, starting every Thursday afternoon aside from regular appointments. These clinics are meant for HEARTWORM/4DX testing only, if your pet has any other problems you will be asked to book an appropriate appointment with one of our veterinarians. The clinics will run from 1-5pm. Please call ahead and book your appointment.



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