Pet Cam

When using an IPad,Iphone or Android:

Install i-Smart Viewer:
Install the basic version (this app will be free of charge)
Apple: viewer/id399765847?mt=8

Make sure your Wi-Fi is on: Go to settings, click network, click Wi-Fi, if off, slide button over to on.

Once you have installed the basic version of the i-Smart Viewer you can return to your home screen and select the icon.

Once the i-Smart Viewer is open, you now can add your pet cam information.

Title: allandale
Model: Other
P2P Connection: off (slide to the left)
Port: 9010
Timeout: 20
20 choose appropriate room (lower case – no spaces)
PW: ______________(this is the password we have given you)

Once all your information is in, touch the add button, and touch OK on the notice that pops up

Then touch your list button on the bottom of the screen
It will then take you to the i-Smart Viewer page where allandale will now be on the list Touch the connect button, it will stream receiving and then connect to the pet cams.If your screen is blue and has video loss on it, slide your finger across the page until you have your
pets cam pops up. It will have CAM and a number from 1-6 plus the name of your pets room in the
top left corner.

Now you are already for viewing!

Trouble shooting

There can only be one user per room at each time. So if you are having login problems and have the camera up on another computer, you must close it down first before viewing on another.

If you have access to two rooms while you are away, you do need to delete one room on your list first before adding the next. All the rooms have the same title so the list will not have numerous rooms on it with the same title at the same time.

If you are trying to view your petcam and have a blue screen with video loss across it, like the picture below

If you are trying to view your petcam and have a blue screen with video loss across it, like the picture below

If your screen comes up like the one below and you would like to have just the video feed of your pet:

Touch the button that says Cam on the bottom of your screen. This will bring you to a single video feed; however it may not be yours, so just slide the screen across until you pets appear.

Hope this helps, if you are still having trouble please give Allandale Veterinary Hospital a call between the hours of 8am -4pm so our tech support can help you.