We are pleased to offer canine rehabilitation for canine patients. We not only accept our own clients but will also accept referral work as well.  Each patient is different and may not be suited to certain activity, which is why all programs are overseen by Dr. Rogers with the help of Natelle (RVT) and assistant Caitlyn.  Together this team will tailor a program specific to your pet’s condition.


What is Hydrotherapy?


Hydrotherapy is a controlled use of buoyancy and resistance of water for therapeutic reasons. The weightlessness of the water relives the pressure on the joints and allows circulation of blood and causes muscles to relax.


Benefits of Hydrotherapy include:


a) relief of pain and stiffness

b) increased muscle mass

c) maintain muscle mass

d) increase range of motion

e) improve circulation

f) increased speed of recovery

g) increased tissue healing

h) provides stimulation and exercise

Conditions that could benefit fro rehabilitation and or hydrotherapy include muscle, tendon and ligament injuries, neurological diseases, orthopedics conditions pre and post, arthritic patients, obesity, athletes (flyball, agility, dock diving, etc). Hydrotherapy is a great low impact exercise in the form an underwater treadmill. Whether your pe is recovering from surgery, or just want to help them lose weight, this may be the activity for them!

A combination of modalities currently available, are:

  • Rehab floor exercises
  • in clinic exercising using cavaletties, balance boards, pilates balls
  • at home exercise with instruction
  • Neuromuscular electrostimulation (NMES)
  • laser therapy
  • hydrotherapy

Contact us for pricing and packages. You may call and speak with any one of our team.




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