Reproduction Services

Our hospital is pleased to offer a wide array of reproduction services for your breeding needs which include:

  • Breeding client education/counseling
  • Genetic selection and screening (OFA testing for hips, elbows, cardiac evaluation, thyroid, etc.)
  • Breeding exams (of male or female, including but not limited to reproductive tract ultrasound, semen evaluation, etc.)
  • Progesterone testing
  • Artificial insemination (vaginal or surgical, using fresh, chilled, or frozen semen)
  • Pregnancy management/ whelpwise
  • C-sections (emergency or elective)
  • Neonatal and pediatric care

Progesterone Testing

A small blood sample is taken and sent to our out of house lab. They operate even on the weekends, however there are no Sunday pickups available. Progesterone testing is available, results are back by the next morning, and reported to you.



Routine artificial inseminations are available. Here at Allandale we use Minitube/MOFA supplies, so our extenders are available in 5 day or 10 day. We also use MAVIC catheters for our inseminations. The development of the MAVIC was in response to a need to improve the results of vaginal insemination. The semen deposition using a linear insemination tube often inadequately transfers the semen to the uterus, creating the need to use the classical legs-up method to reduce semen reflux (backflow). The MAVIC vaginal insemination catheter was developed to technically respond to these problems, making breeders’ and veterinarians’ lives easier and the vaginal insemination procedure more effective by mirroring nature.

Trans Cervical Insemination (TCI)

This is performed by only Dr. Lechten here at AVH. With correct progesterone timing, TCI is an alternative to surgical implantation as long as the female is calm enough to have the scope inseminated. It takes approximately 10-15 min.

This is a method (TCI) that delivers sperm directly to the uterus bypassing the cervix. The advantage is the semen is deposited exactly where it needs to be close to the eggs. The advantage is generally no sedation or general anesthesia is needed. Bitches are inseminated standing up without sedation. The owner is encouraged to hold and observe the procedure. We have a video display monitor to visualize the procedure. The procedure is painless and there is no need for analgesia afterwards.


Surgical Implantation

This is an alternative method to TCI. Using progesterone levels as a guide, you and your doctor can decide which is the best method for your bitch. This is a more invasive procedure, where an incision is made abdominally, in a sterile environment the uterine horns are exposed and the semen is then deposited into each horn. The incision is closed with absorbable suture material, an analgesic block is applied, and the patient is then recovered. Once walking they are able to be discharged.


We offer shipping for chilled samples only. We also can received chilled samples and frozen samples as we do have a holding tank available for short term. We unfortunately DO NOT freeze semen on site.



We do offer a service called “Whelp wise”. What is “Whelpwise?”

Monitoring uterine contractions and fetal heart rates allows the breeder to positively identify the onset of labor and accurately estimate the time that whelping should begin. Uterine contractions and puppies are followed throughout the whelping process confirming that all is going well, or identifying problems in a timely manner should they occur. Common problems such as inertia can be identified and treated in the home setting using low-dose medication protocols, adjusting medications to support but not over stimulate the uterus. All medication doses are determined by the uterine contraction pattern. Conversely, instances such as a stuck pup where strong contractions exist and medication should not be given can also be identified, helping to prevent problems such as uterine rupture.

Monitoring the heart rates of the pups allows the breeder to know that puppies are doing well during the last few days of gestation and during the whelping. Stressed pups, identifiable by specific heart rate patterns, allows the breeder and veterinarian to make timely informed decisions about interventions, and make the interventions more likely to result in healthy pups. A significant benefit of the WhelpWise service is the ability to differentiate abnormal labor patterns such as inertia, versus a malpresented or exceptionally large puppy or other uterine abnormality. Inertia, or lack of adequate uterine contractions, can be easily managed by giving medications in small frequent doses to achieve a productive contraction pattern and prevent medication overdosing. By simulating a normal labor pattern, unnecessary stress to the mother and the puppies can be avoided. Drug doses that are excessive can contribute to fetal deaths because uterine contractions cause a physiologic decrease in blood and oxygen supply to the puppies. If medications are overused, the uterus clamps down in a prolonged contraction actually cutting off the blood flow to the puppies. Additionally, large doses of Oxytocin will saturate receptor sites in the uterus making subsequent doses ineffective.

Abnormal contraction patterns suspicious for exceptionally large or malpositioned pups or other uterine abnormalities can be identified early in the whelping process and the client referred back to the veterinarian for additional testing. The WhelpWise service also has its role in the case of a planned cesarean section. Instead of picking a date for surgery, whether correct or not, early labor can begin with surgery scheduled before labor becomes too advanced. Early labor may help the puppies begin the normal birth transition, as well as promote optimal maternal bonding and milk production, often lost when surgery is performed prior to labor and its corresponding hormonal changes.

Monitoring also helps prevent labor patterns from going unnoticed. Frequently labor contractions are detected by the equipment prior to any symptoms or change in temperature and are generally present 8 to 12 hours before deliveries begin. Undetected labor, in the case of a planned cesarean, can be potentially hazardous for the bitch and her litter.

The technician can place the device on your bitch in hospital, or it can be taken home as a rental for you to perform as well.  Results are rather quick – generally within the hour.

Because timing is everything-  we encourage that you contact us, and have a consultation about which method and/or decision is best for your dog. Our goal is to help you with all your reproduction needs.