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Pet Cam Step By Step Instructions

Please keep in mind Usernames and Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE

Make sure your Wi-Fi is on - go to settings, click network, click Wi-Fi, if off, slide button over to on.

Touch your apps icon and search the apps store for EyeInCloud. (This app will be free of charge)

Once you have installed the EyeInCloud app you can return to your home screen and select the icon.

Once the EyeInCloud is open, you now can add your pet cam information.

Assigned Room: ___________________________ Camera #: _______

Password: _______________________

Step 1. Click top right button on screen which will bring you to the server list.

Step 2
. Click top right (+) button. This will direct you to the add device page.

Step 3.
Input information provided below:

In this step you can either scan this barcode or manually type in the highlighted code below the barcode.

PLEASE NOTE: If barcode is scanned Nickname & User will automatically populate to DeviceName1 and Sports. User is the name of the room your pet is occupying. This will need to be changed to assigned room. (Example: Paris, Underwater etc.)

If highlighted code is manually typed in please follow instructions below:


Nickname - DeviceName1 (Case Sensitive)

User - This is the room your pet will be assigned in (Paris, Sports, Underwater etc.)

Password - The password assigned to you during admit (Case Sensitive)

Step 4
. Once all your information is in, touch the Save button, this will bring you back to the Server List.

Step 5.
You will then click the play button, this is the second button from the left.

Step 6.
This will then prompt you to the Live page, which will have numbers on the bottom (you may slide for more options to find your pets assigned number).

Depending on the selected room for your pet, a number will be assigned to the camera in that room. Once the number assigned is clicked, you will be connected to your pets camera (Example: Sports – 17, Underwater – 1, Paris – 12 etc.)

Now you are ready for viewing!

If there are any issues setting up your camera, please give us a call during our business hours and request to speak to a boarding assistant

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