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Hospital Supervisor

Carly always wanted to work in the veterinary world and officially started as an Animal Health Technician when she graduated in 1980. After working both locally and in Calgary for a few years, she landed at Allandale in 1985. At the time, the practice was strictly a large animal (livestock) hospital. When she was joined by Dr. Lechten in 1989, Allandale Veterinary Hospital quickly evolved into the thriving small animal practice it is today.

Carly and her husband are the proud empty-nester parents to 2 grown sons. As well, they have 2 dogs, Mardi, a rescue terrier from New Orleans and Cookie, a beautiful ruby Cavalier. Carly bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for a few years and has taken home several dogs since then to be whelped. In one instance, she raised a litter of Goldens for a rescue organization.

As the Hospital Supervisor since 2000, Carly does not spend a lot of time  “hands on” in the veterinary field anymore, but you will definitely see her if there is a C-section going on. She is the go-to person for getting puppies to nurse.

What started as a one doctor, one staff practice in 1989, has evolved into a busy nine doctor, 55 staff member practice that is continuously growing! Carly is very proud of the work and staff of Allandale Veterinary Hospital and looks forward to the next 35 years!



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